3 easy ways for glaziers to step up their customer service

Posted by Colette Graimes on 22 Jan 2020 in Sales tips for glaziers

You don’t need slick sales tools or fancy gimmicks to provide top-notch service to your customers and leave a great, lasting impression of your glazing business. A little bit of organization and forward-planning can mean the difference between memorably great service and a completely forgettable experience in your customers minds. Here are three suggestions for you to implement in your glazing business to make sure you’re hitting the mark every time.


'Top of funnel' sales ideas for your glazing business

Your sales funnel is the process of attracting new leads, educating them about your services and converting them into a customer. The top of the funnel is all about awareness — the goal is to educate your potential customers about a problem they didn't necessarily know they had, while demonstrating the solution that your glazing business specifically supplies or supplies better than your competitors. We've put together a few top of funnel sales ideas that you might like to consider for your glazing business below.


Tips for glaziers: Delivering at every stage of the sales funnel

Posted by Colette Graimes on 01 Nov 2017 in Sales tips for glaziers

The sales funnel is the concept of having a wide pool of prospective customers at the beginning of the sales process which then decreases in size but increases in quality as they move closer towards buying. It's important to consider how you communicate with prospects at the 'top of the funnel' versus prospects at the 'bottom of the funnel' as their requirements have evolved and this is particularly critical if you are selling big ticket items like shower installations or pool railings.


Making a great first impression with clients and prospects

Posted by Colette Graimes on 05 Sep 2017 in Sales tips for glaziers

'You only get one chance to make a first impression' as the saying goes. For glaziers going out on-site for sales meetings or meeting the client for the first time, leaving a positive impression is key. If you haven't got the job yet, it'll go a long way in closing the deal. If you have, it'll set the working relationship off on a positive note.


Designing a referral program for your glazing business

Posted by Colette Graimes on 04 Aug 2017 in Sales tips for glaziers

Referral programs are widely recognized as one of the most cost-effective ways to build new business. This is because satisfied customers are the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal, so why not use them to win more business?


Glaziers, what do you do when a customer doesn't reply to your quote?

Posted by Sam Frankland on 04 May 2017 in Sales tips for glaziers

Quoting can be a costly exercise. The time it takes to go on-site, measure, estimate, then communicate to the customer is far from trivial. Taking a few extra steps to ensure you win the jobs you quote should be a no-brainer for your business. However, within the building trades following up after quoting is almost non-existent. Only 16% of businesses said that they followed up regularly and of those that did only half said they would follow up more than once.


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